Drone during the evalutation procedure


The evaluation configuration constitutes the most innovative armament of our project and is the most important in the proposed analysis process.


This is composed, in addition to the drone, of a box inside which there is the control unit together with the apparatus for carrying out the analyzes, and of a 5 m tube with a funnel at the end.

River analysis

River analysis

Thanks to the control unit, capable of detecting seven parameters, and to a program created by us on the basis of the tests carried out, it will be possible to instantly have a qualitative data on the health of the analyzed resource.
This is possible by analyzing the free surface of the water, that is the air immediately above the level of the resource, through a completely automated process. The drone operator will in fact only have to deal with the positioning of the drone in the chosen points, possible “by eye” or via GPS, and will be able to view the progress of the analyzes at any time on a screen in communication with the equipment inside the box. in flight.

Drone with detection equipment Control screen prototype

Once the drone is positioned at the right altitude, thanks to sensors inside the funnel, the detection will automatically start which, thanks to the structure of the funnel itself, will last 4 minutes. Once the detection is complete, the operator will be warned by the screen and will be able to position the drone in another point to be analyzed or perform the landing procedure.
Once the data collection phase has been completed, it will be sufficient to download the files present in the removable memory of the control unit and have them processed by the appropriate program. This will instantly display on the screen the status of the water resource (polluted or unpolluted) and, on the basis of this processing, it will be decided whether the use of the third armament is necessary, and if so for which points, or whether it is possible to conclude the analyses.
In the event of particular critical issues such as to make the analyzes carried out in vain, such as for example a strong wind that prevents the stability of the funnel, the detection is immediately interrupted (however saving the acquired data) and the operator is warned of the error.